artificial intelligence

On January 2nd we established our new optical sorting machine -It is an artificial intelligence sorting machine that sort crops by color, size, shape, and type- The color sorter has a wide sorting range, and its sorting objects include all solid materials that the sizes from 0.1mm to 100mm. It effectively removes the impurities and solves the problem of moldy seeds during the processing it also removes foreign impurities such as sand, and glass. It can be used for many kinds of crops such as sesame, peanuts, rice, sorghum, watermelon seeds, and many more. Its capacity is two tones per hour.
We started a deal with SAYGA Company to process “200 tons of wheat’’


Our group consists of 13 companies, specializing in the exporting and importing of agricultural products, focusing on exporting Sudanese agricultural products, our companies cover all aspects of the supply chain process.